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Noizend Pty Ltd

Raising A$500K

Pre-money valuation of A$2.09M

Minimum investment A$10,000

Investment Highlights

The Global Noise Mitigation System Market is valued to reach $46.8B in 2028

Have assembled a multi-disciplinary and multi-company development team with research lead by Dr Zhao of the University of Technology Sydney

The United Nations stated that Chronic Noise in Cities was a Planetary Crisis in 2022

Building on known technology for active noise cancelling in headphones, using AI to implement in the more complex urban environment

Company Overview

Noizend is solving chronic low frequency noise problems in the urban environment

Have assembled a multi-disciplinary and multi-company development team headed by Dr Zhao of the University of Technology Sydney

UTS has a designated specialised Centre for Audio, Acoustics and Vibration in Sydney Australia

Has been approved to join NVIDIA’s inception program for start-ups. The premier virtual accelerator for cutting-edge AI startups that are revolutionising industries

It is a rare opportunity to help save the planet whilst accessing a huge global market.

The United Nations listed excessive noise in cities as one of the 3 Planetary Crisis in 2022. The Global Noise Mitigation System Market is valued to reach $46.8B in 2028.

Main benefits include:

  1. Businesses are liberated to conduct operations without fear of noise complaints or restrictions.
  2. Residents are empowered by the peaceful and quiet enjoyment of their homes.
  3. National Productivity increases under lower noise pollution.

Noizend is already in discussions with potential customers.


Products & Services

Noizend is at the early development stage to adapt the proven science of active noise control as used in noise cancelling headphones for a wider environment. This will be by way of a multi-channel system we call Noizend Shield. The software will primarily analyse the noise and generate the multi-channel anti-noise waves. Noizend Shield is an Internet of Things connected system of sensors, speakers and edge processors.

Noizend Shield is built on AI. Noizend has access to the cloud-based services of NVIDIA to create digital twin models of specific indoor spaces, such as in a live music venue or factory or warehouse. The company has plans to expand our technology to open air environments.

The initial pilot project is to reduce the noise to residents from live music venues. Over 25% of Live Music Venues received noise complaints & investigations, according to the City of Sydney Live Music & Performance Action Plan 2012. It has been estimated that the cost of a live music venue having reduced trading hours is $1,000/100 capacity/hour. So a 500 patron venue closed for 1 hour 3 times a week has lost revenue of $780,000 p.a.

How It Works

Microphone array: The first step in the multi-channel active noise control (“MANC”) system involves placing an array of microphonesaround the noise producing equipment or sound source.

Signal processing: The core of the MANC system relies on advanced digital signal processing techniques.

Secondary noise sources: In response to the processed noise data, the system activates secondary noise sources (such as speakers)that are strategically placed around the noise source.

Noise cancellation: The anti-noise signals emitted by the secondary sources combine with the original noise waves, effectivelycancelling out the noise through a process called destructive interference.

Feedback control: To ensure optimal performance, the MANC system in the Noizend Shield constantly monitors and adjusts itsparameters.

Customisable solutions: The MANC system will be designed to adapt to different types and sizes of noise-producing sources,offering a versatile solution for a wide range of applications.

sound wave

Transaction Overview

This Offer is for ordinary shares in Noizend Pty Ltd. Noizend has not issued any options or different classes of shares. Noizend has allocated 2,600,000 shares for ESOP (shares allocated and set aside for staff and associates).

For the full raising of A$500,000 representing 19.3% equity interest
Pre-money valuation of A$2.09M
Minimum investment A$10,000

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