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Investment Highlights

Rubicon holds an Option on a Rare Earth Element project in western NSW, Australia that has the potential to be a world class deposit.

Focus on aggressive exploration for Critical Minerals and precious metals, namely Rare Earths, copper, cobalt, gold & silver within Australia

Rubicon has an option to acquire an Exploration Licence in New South Wales, Australia in which a very promising Rare Earth Element (REE) prospect has been identified – expert advice is that “there is plenty of room for a world class deposit”

Rubicon is also seeking high quality copper and gold mineralisation in North Queensland, Australia

Planned upgrade to public company status and ASX listing within 36 months of current capital raising thus allowing public trading of shares

Company Overview

Exploration focused on critical minerals needed to meet Zero emissions targets & precious metals (gold & silver);

All Directors on Rubicon’s Board have skill sets that are aligned with the company’s core business of exploration, mining & mineral processing

Immediate exploration effort focused on a Rare Earth Project in western NSW, Australia – consulting geologist says this has the potential to be a world class deposit;

While an investment in Rubicon should be classed as Speculative and “early stage”, it potentially offers a high return on investment given success with its planned exploration programs

The Company’s Plans

The company has an option over an Exploration Licence in NSW, Australia that covers an area of 95 Units. Within this area, a target area of 4.8 sq km (4,800,000 sq m) shows a strong anomaly for Rare Earth Elements has been identified from mobile metal ion soil geochemistry. Highly elevated readings for gold and cobalt are also evident in the surrounding peripheral zone.

It appears likely that the deposit will be “near Surface” Ion Adsorption type which would allow for low-cost open-cut mining and low-cost extraction. Drillers logs from a nearby water bore confirm the presence of a favourable clay horizon suitable for hosting this type of mineralisation. Mineralisation is expected from a depth of 8 m to 50-70 m. A land access agreement is in place with the property owner where drilling is planned.

Results from soil geochemical sampling at Rubicon’s Rare Earth project compare very favourably with those from an ASX-listed company which has found an economic Rare Earth deposit in Western Australia. That project has been air core drilled which confirmed the presence to economic mineralisation, thus leading to the expectation Rubicon’s project will also host economic mineralisation.

The next move is to carry out a 21 hole air core drilling program to a depth of 70 m. Samples from drilling will be assayed and duplicate samples from defined ore zones will be subjected to metallurgical testing to determine the recovery of rare earth elements in order to assess the economics.

Other plans are to explore for copper-gold, cobalt, silver, gold and rare earth deposits in the Mt Isa-Cloncurry and Georgetown regions of North Queensland which already host large mines.

Rubicon Resources Pty Ltd is an aspiring mineral resources company with the Mission Statement “To plant a seed that in time grows into a large mining company”.

Rubicon aims to create long term value for shareholders in a multigenerational growth company that sees itself in the business of making money for shareholders as well as increasing the wealth of the nation and creating employment.

Rubicon will also strive to see more value adding being done within Australia to minerals produced. If funding permits, Rubicon would embrace an opportunity to participate with others in processing rare earth elements within Australia to “end products” such as magnets used in electric vehicles and wind turbines.

Gold and silver are safe havens in times of financial uncertainty and provide diversity of markets and income so that Rubicon is not dependent on a single commodity, hence providing greater income stability and lessening risk for the company and shareholders.

Responsible Mining

Rubicon Resources believes in maintaining a strong moral position in relation to environmental management, providing benefits to society and sound governance to achieve these aims.

Transaction Overview

Terms of Offer

An offering of fully paid ordinary shares at an issue price of AU$0.01 per share to raise A$1.5M


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