First U.S. Listing on PrimaryMarkets Platform Represents Major Investment Opportunity in Blockchain / Digital Currency Industry today launches on its platform its first opportunity for registered wholesale/professional/accredited investors to acquire existing securities in a U.S. venture- backed, unlisted company.

The Company, via its subsidiaries, provides investors with one of the largest available exposures to the global blockchain and digital currency trade. 

PrimaryMarkets’ Chief Executive, Nicholas Capp said:

“This new listing offers a unique opportunity to purchase a significant existing equity share stake in a holding Company having subsidiaries with business lines across early stage digital currencies/blockchain investment portfolio which includes 70-plus investments in 20-plus countries, digital coin fund management, leading bitcoin/blockchain media platform and bitcoin trading/brokerage.

Existing investors include MasterCard, New York Life and Western Union. It has been tipped to us to be the next Softbank or Berkshire Hathaway of the blockchain/digital currency industry.

Recently, the Company appointed to its Board a current director of AT&T, NASDAQ and Federal Reserve Bank of New York.”

To learn more about the opportunity, all qualified buyers must first register as a Buyer on PrimaryMarkets – a quick online process that can be completed by clicking here or visiting

Mr. Capp added:

“The digital currency trade is truly borderless, spanning all segments of the financial industry, to manufacturing and media companies who see the potential of digital currencies and their many applications. Blockchain technology has created new platforms for the broader corporate ecosystem with the potential to reach mass adoption.

By pure co-incidence, our listing today coincides with recent press regarding Australian academic and scientist, Craig Wright, revealing himself as Bitcoin’s creator, given that the origins of Bitcoin have long remained a mystery.

This is a golden opportunity for our registered Buyers to look at investing directly into this successful and expanding unlisted US Company – a rare prospect especially for our Australian and Asian based investors.”

This first listing by PrimaryMarkets of existing securities in a USA entity follows our recent international roadshow led by PrimaryMarkets Founder Gavin Solomon.

You can view this listing on our Current Offerings page here.

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