December 17, 2015

By -

Jamie Green

PrimaryMarket, as the premier innovative, single source platform to monetise illiquid assets, is pleased to announce that it has completed today its A$1M Seed Capital Raising from a select group of well-connected, entrepreneurial, sophisticated and professional investors. This funding round allows PrimaryMarket to continue to expand its team and to further extend development of its global platform and listings.

PrimaryMarket is now actively building its database for sourcing and qualifying unlisted securities and investments for listing on its website ahead of a “hard” launch targeted for mid-February 2016.

Nicholas Capp, Managing Director/CEO of PrimaryMarket, said:

“PrimaryMarket is now poised for a strong trading launch with a diverse range of listings that will support the growth of ‘healthy’ markets for many categories of illiquid and tough-to-trade securities and investments.”

PrimaryMarket is to be the worldwide leading platform creating market liquidity for investors and intermediaries wanting to trade unlisted investments and securities.

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