March 7, 2016

By -

Jamie Green

If you spoke to a retail broker, lawyer, financial planner or advisor today they would tell you that the process for selling or buying unlisted securities or investments is laborious and dependent on engaging the same limited pool of potential sellers or buyers that they have used frequently in the past.Participants in this space are reliant on the formal and informal networks they inhabit through their organisation and personal links. Completing these transactions on behalf of their organisation or clients typically means focusing on activity outside of their role or core expertise. This has not helped make the illiquid become more liquid.

PrimaryMarkets seeks to alleviate these challenges. The PrimaryMarkets platform builds markets for the full spectrum of unlisted securities and investments. It brings buyers, intermediaries and sellers from around the world to a single platform to complete transactions. PrimaryMarkets’ team of experts support each transaction to meet every Seller’s objectives.

Intermediaries such as retail and institutional brokers, private equity and venture capitalists, financial planners, wealth managers, corporate advisors, lawyers, accountants, administrators and liquidators can all join PrimaryMarkets to sell or buy unlisted securities and investments.

PrimaryMarkets rewards the intermediary in introducing listings and buyers to the platform. In more traditional marketplace models, the marketplace has been all about disintermediating the industry or sector it serves. However, the complex nature and rigid web of informal networks that reign over the unlisted illiquid investment space means a complementary approach best serves all participants.

A good example is the Financial Planning industry and the usual ‘churn’ of a client’s investment portfolio when they switch planners. PrimaryMarkets is the ideal platform for completing the required transactions to re-balance portfolios in a time and resource efficient manner. No longer does a Planner have to rely on their informal networks to try and find liquidity. PrimaryMarkets gives the Planner a global audience of potential buyers efficiently improving the liquidity of what was deemed an ‘illiquid’ asset. PrimaryMarkets then shares its sales commission with the Planners who introduce listings and buyers. 

PrimaryMarkets provides a global audience for listings that increases the liquidity of unlisted investments and improves the opportunities for sale.