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Over 12,000 experts and 300 enterprises trust Mindhive to connect them each day
Mindhive's community is rapidly growing with 11,000+ members from leading industries, government and non-profits

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Crowdsourced Innovation

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Collective Intelligence

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Mindhive is on a mission to capture the collective mind that will solve tomorrow’s problems.

That’s why 12,000 experts and over 300 enterprises trust Mindhive to connect them each day, in creating new ideas and problem-solving.

Mindhive operates in the enterprise space – a scalable collective IQ & ideation platform built on proprietary technology enabling enterprise workforce human and A.I. collective intelligence ideation and innovation. The global digital workplace market was forecasted by Gartner to reach US$54.20B in 2027.

Mindhive goes far beyond a team collaboration tool. Mindhive harnesses the intelligence of a rapidly growing community of +11,000 members including Leading industry experts, Governmental departments and policymakers, non-profit organisations and SMEs.


The company has a diverse range of customers including leading enterprises across four sectors (consulting, finance, education, government), including Accenture, BDO, Ubiquity University, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), and Queensland Government.


The business saw exceptional adoption in 2019 after pivoting to a business-to-consumer model that saw Mindhive 2.0 achieve 750% growth in user sessions, a 660% jump in subscriptions and a 1900% increase in inbound interest since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. The business is set to benefit from a strong market signal around the Future of Work where enterprise software powers all-digital, work-from-anywhere teams to co-create and collaborate.

Products & Services

The most pressing issues are solved by the power of many. Either within your own organisation or our connected global network of 12,000+ minds. Tapping into a collective mind power via our digital platform gets a better, quicker result than the big consultancies – and slashes a zero off the cost!

Solve problems, understand issues, obtain ideas, test solutions, and extend resources by harnessing the power of your team – just launch your discussion to generate. Solve tomorrow today.

By connecting human and artificial intelligence, Mindhive is an increasingly smarter and more scalable platform over time.

A form of collaborative intelligence. The best of human intelligence and machines working together.

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Wendel Dourado da Costa

Team Lead

Nelis Verhoef

Machine Learning & AI Lead

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Senior Developer

Edward Irvine

Infrastructure Manager & Administrator

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