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The Every Company
Biotechnology company

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The protein platform offers all the great taste of the foods you know and love with less cost, better performance, and less waste.

Business Highlights

The Every Company (formerly Clara Foods) is a biotechnology company that develops proteins and other products traditionally sourced from animals. It does this by using yeast to convert sugar into proteins that are similar to those found in animals and animal products.

The Every Company is the market leader in engineering, manufacturing and formulating animal-free, animal proteins as ingredients for the global food and beverage industry. 

Leveraging precision fermentation to produce functional and nutritional proteins from microorganisms. Every is reimagining the factory farm model that underpins industrial animal agriculture with a more sustainable, kinder and healthier alternative. 

Every produces baking products, food and beverages ingredients, nutrition supplements, and animal/pathogen/salmonella free egg white products, which is intended to offer low cholesterol and high protein food. They are reimagining the factory farm model that underpins industrial animal agriculture with a more sustainable, kinder and healthier alternative. 

Its animal-free pepsin leverages a similar technology used to make insulin for diabetics, rennet for cheese-making, and theme for plant-based burgers. Every’s 100% animal-free pepsin is developed by isolating the DNA sequence that encodes for the exact same protein, and using fermenters and yeast instead of factory farms and animals to create its final product — the world’s first bioidentical pepsin, made without a single animal. Every’s fermentation technology platform also only uses a fraction of the water, land and greenhouse gas footprint compared to the current factory farming model.

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Key Information

  • The EVERY Company has closed US$175M in Series C financing.
  • The round was co-led by new investor, McWin, and existing investor, Rage Capital. Other new and existing investors joined the round including Temasek, Grosvenor’s Wheatsheaf Group, and TO Ventures. Prosus Ventures also contributed to the funding, marking its first investment in synthetic biology.
  • Notably, the Series C round raised by EVERY™ (formerly Clara Foods) was heavily oversubscribed due to strong investor appetite to fill the growing supply gap for animal-free protein and ingredient solutions.
  • The Series C round brings EVERY’s total funding to US$233M.
  • EVERY™ will use the capital to scale production, commercialize a robust pipeline of animal-free protein products nationwide, and expand into a broad array of new food applications.
  • EVERY™ will also continue to expand its protein production platform by mining the egg proteome for novel, hyper-functional proteins.



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