Trade for Good

Trade and donate from as little as $9.45 with the first-ever trading platform built from the ground up to have a social impact







Investment Highlights

Sharing 50% of brokerage with partner charities

Combined 50+ years experience helping clients trade on the Australian Stock Market

Use the free award winning Trade for Good phone app and desktop

Easy online account opening process

Company Overview

Has the ability to all wealth platforms and 3rd party reporting software

We believe doing good is more important than making a profit

Trade For Good donates 50%* of the brokerage on all trades to their charitable partners. And the best part is you choose where the good goes!

We charge a lower rate of brokerage than the market-leading online brokers. But instead of pocketing 100% of the fee we ask you to nominate a charity from our list of partners to receive 50%* of the fee on your behalf.

Trade for Good offer a suite of ways to participate as a retail investor, financial adviser or institutional trader. We have scaled our offering by using the latest technology in client onboarding, order execution and back-office software. For more information on our financial adviser and institutional trading products click here.

* 50% of the fee will be donated after ASX and Settlement costs, see the financial services guide for more information.

Note: This may be a tax-deductible charitable donation depending on your personal circumstances.

How It Works?

When buying and selling shares on the Australian Stock Market you are charged brokerage to complete that trade.

For a trade valued at $8,000 this will cost you $9.45 in brokerage on the Trade for Good platform.

What makes us different is we take the $9.45 and minus the ASX Trading and Settlement fee of $3.67.

The remaining $5.78 of your trade brokerage is split 50% with $2.89 going to us to run the business and $2.89 going on your behalf to the charity of your choice.

So how is the donation made?

Easy, when you set up an account with Trade For Good you select a charity of choice, for example, “Save the Planet”.

When you trade we send 50% of your brokerage fee to “Save the Planet” and send you a receipt of donation.

* All fees are GST inclusive, for more information on the fee breakdown please reference the Financial Services Guide.

What can you Trade

At Trade for Good you can trade shares and ETFs on the two main exchanges, the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and CBOE Australia (CBOE).

Trade For Good makes buying and selling shares as easy. We use IRESS and Novus Fintech trading software, the industry standard that is designed to make trading streamlined and secure.

Products & Services

Institutional trading

Providing a buy-side trading solution with flexible order routing across Bloomberg, IRESS and REFINITIV.

Facilitate and promote ESG achievements across all social media and network platforms.

Data feeds and institutional order routing and settlement, bulk/suspense account trading & short selling

Wealth managers

Trade For Good supply trading tools and services for Advisors, Wealth Managers and Financial Planners to make it easy for them to engage with their clients.

Integration into the major wealth platforms, reporting on advisor and client level with free trading software

Retail investor

Offering an easy online sign-up and funding process and our award-winning Trade for Good mobile and desktop app.

On every trade, we donate 50%* of the brokerage to one of our charitable partners.
And the best part is, you choose where the good goes

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