Capital Raising


Autono Drone

Fully Autonomous Cargo Drones









Investment Highlights

Autonomous flight in zero visibility, no pilot or crew – zero risk to human life

Travel up to 780km beyond visual line of sight

Carbon neutral, synthetic fuel capability

Small vertical take-off and landing footprint

A200 Prototype planned for first flight March 24

A$213K already raised

Have forward orders to purchase of 100 units of A200 Autonomous Heavy Payload Cargo Drones with a total value of US$200M

Company Overview

Lucrative unsaturated aerospace sector

set to become the future of last and middle mile logistics for both civil and military applications

Cargo Freight Drone Market

estimated at US$0.6B in 2022, projected to reach US$9.4B by 2030, at CAGR of 38.6%

Patent pending, efficient design

High manufacturing margins

Disruptive Technology
Autono Drone™ is a high-tech Australian technology company.  They design and manufacture heavy payload Autonomous, Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL), Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) cargo drones.

The Vision
Create a Global Aerospace Company.

Forward Orders
Based on enquiries received, we anticipate significant forward orders.

Company Purpose:
To transform the global logistics sector.


  1. Risks to pilots and crew for defence forces during re-supply missions.
  2. Risks to pilots and crew for aerial firefighting operations.
  3. For Global logistics companies such as FedEx and DHL, middle and last mile logistics represent more than circa 25% of their cost base.
  4. During 1992-2001, 141 pilots/navigators in the agricultural industry died in aircraft-related events during activities such as crop dusting in the USA alone.
  5. Significant capability/cost of supply/cold chain logistics to remote indigenous communities.
  6. Inability to deliver critical supplies during natural disasters and/or humanitarian relief operations.

Autono Drone’s has designed scalable autonomous heavy payload cargo drones. The A200 model is designed to carry up to 200kg (440lb) directly in the hull or in a compact cargo pod for a range of up to 780km (484 miles) and can land/take off from a small footprint using GPS co-ordinates. Our unique scalable design gives Autono Drone the ability to scale and increase payloads from initially 200kg to 500kg, 1,000kg, 2,500kg.

Competitive Advantage’s:
Autono Drone’s technology provides the following key competitive advantages:

  • No pilot or crew risk – Fully Autonomous.
  • Continuity of operations in GPS jammed environments.
  • Small take-off and landing footprint – no runway infrastructure required.
  • Rotax aircraft engine can operate on carbon neutral synthetic fuels.
  • Low manufacturing costs – no composites.
  • Versatile solutions to meet multiple applications.
  • AI Flight control ensures repeatable/error free journey.
  • Scalable manufacturing processes enable rapid increases in output.
  • There is no comparable offering.

Milestones Achieved:
Autono Drone has achieved the following milestones:

  • A$4M+ raised in initial funding.
  • A200 concept 3D software model completed.
  • Design reviews by Rotax and CFS Aero Ltd completed prior to commencing manufacture of A200 prototype.
  • Patent lodged – Patent pending.
  • MOU signed with Advanced Navigation Pty Ltd to supply state of the art navigation capability.
  • A200 Prototype 50%+ complete.

Market Opportunity:

  • White space – unsaturated market.
  • Closest competitor Elroy Air, after completing a tethered hover test, received US$3B in forward orders before having manufacturing capability.
  • Another competitor with a fixed wing drone, has forward orders from DHL for 4,000 units.
  • The civilian Cargo Freight Drone Market estimated at US$0.6B in 2022, projected to reach USD 9.4 billion by 2030, at CAGR of 38.6%.
  • Emerging economies won’t need to spend billions on road, rail, and other infrastructure by using our drones to replace “old world” vehicles.

Products & Services


The convenient cargo pods can be refrigerated and are available with castors or forklift access, providing logistics customers with a ready-made, off-the-shelf mobile solution that can easily integrate into existing logistics systems and processes.

With the automated, easy-to-load cargo pods, we ensure secure and efficient deliveries without the need for manual intervention by humans.





Cargo Pod L x W x H (cm)

140 x 55 x 70

Cargo cubic metres




A200 Standard Model

Cargo pod system temoved
Side loading
Greater load capacity
Manual loading of specific payload





Cargo Cubic Metres




A200 Long-Range Model

Additional underfloor fuel bladder tanks
Side loading
Up to 780km range





Cargo Cubic Metres




∗3 x 20 litre Bladder Tanks (Option in place)

A200 Open-Frame Model

Cargo doors and Belly panel removed
Customisable platform
Crop spraying and seeding
Cargo net operations
Firefighting applications
Autono Drone can customise to meet specific third-party requirements







A200 Crop Spray Model

Cargo doors and Belly panel removed
Customised platform
Can be customised for crop seeding to avoid soil compaction







Transaction Overview

Terms of offer:

Shares on issue prior to this offer 10,048,872
Number of Shares offered under this Information Memorandum 1,000,000 
Shares on issue after this offer 11,048,872 

The company is offering a maximum of 1,000,000 New Shares to Investors at A$1.00 per Share, which, if the Offer is fully subscribed for, will raise a maximum of A$1M with A$213K already raised.


Complete Manufacture & Testing A200 Prototype


Patent & IP Protection


Insurance & Issue Costs


Working Capital

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