PrimaryMarkets is a Global Independent Marketplace for Unlisted Assets.

FY19 Results Update

The Company serves ~29,000 businesses in Australia and processed $17.5B in transactions in FY19 through its internally developed, cloud-based platform. The Company has been steadily taking market share from the big banks, with a combination of superior technology and a unique partnering business model, that see it working with 260 point-of-sale and other relevant business software providers in the Australian market.

Financial Highlights

  • 31% increase in the value of payments transacted reaching $17.5B (FY18: $13.4B)
  • 28% increase in total revenues to $189.8M (FYI18: $148.2M)
  • 108% increase in loan originations in the year totalling $52.2M (FY18: $25.2M)
  • 133% increase in deposit balances ending the year at $26.9M (FY18: $116M)




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