It is not uncommon for experienced investors to have to navigate several disjointed and clunky platforms in the pursuit of good opportunities – and sourcing pre-IPOs can be even harder!

Often, the process is lengthy, cumbersome, and time-consuming. Sophisticated investors pour time and money into investigating companies at different stages of the lifecycle – from small established companies all the way to Unicorns (unlisted companies with market cap > $1B) – then later they may even need to sell those shares through another platform.

Even more frustratingly, there were complications for investors when they wanted to sell shares in a private company, as there was no market! It’s a major reason investors have traditionally avoided unlisted companies in favour of those on a stock exchange. 

PrimaryMarkets has established an end-to-end solution that manages everything when it comes to investing in private companies – without having to traverse multiple platforms or, more importantly, try and find other counterparties.

How PrimaryMarkets solved the problem of private share trading

Given how common this problem is among Sophisticated Investors, PrimaryMarkets has built the Amazon for private company investing, where prospective sellers and buyers can list and transact directly on private company investment opportunities. 

Investment in private companies has grown dramatically in recent years, and with 3 times more private companies globally than public companies, investors are waking up to the missed opportunities with their investment strategies.

This phenomenon is coupled with the fact that unlisted companies are staying private for longer.

End-to-End Secondary Share Trading

As an investor, if you head to the PrimaryMarkets platform you can select from more than 60 current global opportunities, including:

PrimaryMarkets ensures everyone who trades on our platform passes Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Client checks. Plus, we ensure Sophisticated Investor verification (proving High Net Worth, professional, institutional, and family office investors) to be able to facilitate trades directly from sellers to buyers. 

Traders can have access to a visible market depth for each company and have the ability to place their order at any price point.

How do I list my Private Company ?

For companies, we help unlock capital and liquidity, so businesses can accelerate their value potential by providing a range of benefits:

  • Liquidity to all shareholders
  • Companies can raise new capital via our 110,000 global members
  • Companies can set their own trading rules 
  • Attract new investors.

It’s extremely simple with PrimaryMarkets taking care of everything so you can be up and running within just a few hours with the infrastructure you need to find investors. We promote your company to our global members and we develop a company trading page with your full, customised offering details.

Private companies grow to Unicorns with more liquidity

We have seen companies’ market valuations exponentially increase over the past 12 months using the platform. For example two companies – Animoca and VGW – listed at around $100M on our platform and are now trading at $5B and $3.5B respectively. 

The reasons for this growth highlight the value of the PrimaryMarkets platform: 

  • Building of shareholder liquidity
  • Trading visibility with clear market depth
  • Sophisticated Investor, Institutional & Family Offices engagement
  • Regular market communication
  • Trading promotion
  • Ability to facilitate secure international trading transactions.

Through PrimaryMarkets Trading Platform companies can unlock liquidity quickly and safely, and raise new equity without having to embark on a premature IPO. 


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