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Investment Highlights

Game Changing Battery Materials
Future for Lithium-ion Batteries
Patented Technology
Green Accreditation

Company Overview

Altech Batteries Limited is an Australian company with global reach.

Australia – Innovative and patented Silumina Anodes™ battery materials coating technology that has been proven to increase EV battery capacity by 30%.

Germany – Construction is underway for a pilot plant to demonstrate the Silumina Anodes™ products to end users. The pilot plant is fully funded.

A preliminary feasibility study has recently been finalized for the construction of a full-scale 10,000tpa Silumina Anodes™ products battery materials coating plant in Germany to utilise the Silumina Anodes™ technology.

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Incorporating high-capacity silicon in lithium-ion batteries

Altech Batteries Limited recently announced its game-changing technology of incorporating high-capacity silicon in lithium-ion batteries.

Through in-house R&D, the Company has cracked the “silicon code” and successfully achieved a 30% higher energy battery with improved cyclability or battery life.

Higher-density batteries result in smaller, lighter batteries and substantially less greenhouse gases, and this is the future for the EV market.

Altech is in the race to get its patented technology to market.

PFS demonstrated outstanding financials

Altech has received green accreditation for this project from the independent Norwegian Centre of International Climate and Environmental Research (CICERO).

To support the development, the Company is constructing a pilot plant next door to allow the qualification process for its Silumina Anodes™ product.

The Company has NDAs with two German automakers as well as a European-based battery company.

Why HPA Coating on Silicon and Graphite Anodes?

Reduces first-cycle loss (Tau et al., 2019) & improves cycling stability

Improves high-rate performance (Feng et al., 2016)

Improves fast charging capability (Kim et al., 2016)

Prevents thermal runaway under mechanical abuse (Xu et al. 2019)

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