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Provider of compliance and other client management solutions







Investment Highlights

Provides digital services to financial advisers and brokerage firms in Australia
Services include compliance, risk management, capital raising, account opening, back-ofice management, e-learning and online portfolio management tools
Platform helps over 100 stockbroker firms, financial planning firms and other Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) holders meet their regulatory obligations

Company Overview

Digital platform

Electronic centralized framework to manage AFSL (Stockbroker/Financial Planner/Adviser) centric workflows for compliance, capital raising and operational efficiencies

Provides solutions

Compliance, capital raising, e-learning, account opening & online portfolio management tools

The Complii platform is a web-based compliance solution providing services to customers through modules for a monthly or annual subscription fee.

The service modules available to customers include Electronic Compliance, Capital Raisings, Client Portfolios, Account Fast (an account opening application) and ThinkCaddie (an e-learning module for AFSL holders).

Expanding Portfolio

Over the past two years, Complii has further expanded its product offerings via the acquisition of: MIntegrity (regulatory risk consulting) and Registry Direct (online shares and units registry), becoming the backbone of Australian capital markets with an end-to-end solution.

On 15th September 2021, Complii acquired PrimaryMarkets Limited, a platform offering secondary trading (buying and selling) in unlisted companies and funds in a secure, controlled, transparent and efficient online platform.

Management intends to continue this trend of acquiring complementary technologies in order to expand its range of offerings, allowing Complii to cross-sell its products to customers.

Complii also plans to conduct a gap analysis in order to enter international markets such as the UK, Canada and Singapore.

Products & Services

Complii Compliance – Digital software platform designed to automate, record and report on compliance obligations.

Complii AdvisorBid – Automated distribution of corporate deals and bid electronic acceptance.

Complii Online Portfolio – Secure portal with inbuilt advisor to portfolio, ledgers and account balance.

Account Fast – Established new client accounts, KYC checks and automated broker opening.

Caddie – Aggregated CPD content from over 200 financial services content providers and manages Advisor CPD obligations.

Boom – Financial Planning includes electronic KYC and investor risk profiling, paraplanning and admin services.

Financial Crimes Monitoring – Ensuring that AFSL’s can be confident that suspicious trading activity can be readily identified and reported in accordance with relevant legislation and ASX trading rules.

Risk Management – Helping AFSL’s identify potential risks before they may occur.

Electronic Compliance System – Secure digital platform that removes the need for paper based compliance.

Advisor Bid/Corporate Offer Letters – Allows corporate deals to be distributed to advisors to bid on the deal and successful bids can be automatically sent to clients who have the option to electronically accept.

Digital Solution for Compliance

Complii is a comprehensive platform. The solutions are targeted to meet regulatory obligations and are delivered through the Complii platform.

It is a digital customisable platform, which offers business, compliance and operational solutions to stockbroking, corporate advisory and other AFSL holding firms.

The Complii platform is a secure service that allows clients to subscribe to service modules ranging from compliance and capital raising to online portfolio management services.

Complii’s market reach allows scalable service expansion

Notably, Complii has an edge over other market offerings as it has the unique ability to scale services to clients through its platform. For instance, the ‘Corporate Highway’ feature of the Complii system facilitates sharing of corporate deals within its existing broker network.

Complii is continuously striving to expand its technology suite through inorganic means to support its client base.

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