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Investment Highlights

Profitable and innovative gold mining explorer in the mineral rich Pilbara

Ex-ASX listed company

Company Overview

Haoma’s mission is to develop a leading-edge gold mining province in the Pilbara (WA) by linking research with modern technology and new ways of thinking. Haoma Mining is a gold and minerals explorer with tenements in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Haoma operates with a flat management structure, which allows all company personnel to be hands-on, practical and single-minded about improving the bottom line performance.

Note to share parcel sizes

Many Haoma shareholders hold small parcels of shares that under ASX trading rules were considered to be sub-marketable holdings (less than A$500.00 in value) and could not be transacted on the ASX trading platform. There is no such restriction on the share parcel size that may be offered for sale through the Trading Hub.

Haoma will match any sale offers placed in the trading hub at $0.24 per share (equal to last ASX trade price in October 2017) for shareholdings of up to 5,000 shares. Haoma will also pay all fees (sell-side and buy-side) associated with each such transaction.


Haoma has been active in many areas and aspects of its business. These include:

Test work activities at Bamboo Creek

Rare Earths including Spear Hill

Exploration and development near Marble Bar at Comet Mine, Just-in-Time and Blue Bar

Mt Webber, Elazac Quarry at Cookes Hill

Ravenswood in North Queensland

Top Camp, Ravenswood


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Gary Cordell Morgan


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