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A future powered by hydrogen arrives

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A future powered by hydrogen arrives








Investment Highlights

  • Star Scientific are poised at the cusp of wider hydrogen adoption with a unique, safe and affordable energy source with zero emissions.

  • A$100M invested in Australian R&D to deliver on ambitious carbon free solutions.

  • Pilot program with Mars Food Australia conducting research for use of HERO® carbon-free heat in food manufacturing.

Company Overview

  • Hydrogen Energy Release optimiser (HERO®)

    One of the few technologies that can put hydrogen into widespread use today by closing the hydrogen loop to existing infrastructure.

  • Global group dedicated to Hydrogen adoption

    Incorates Star Scientific Limited, Star Scientific Singapore, Star Scientific Europe, Planet Power Systems and Planet Power Finance.


Star Scientific has developed a unique way to deliver clean, safe, affordable energy with zero emissions.

Backed by philanthropists and scientists, Star has invested A$100M in Australian R&D to deliver on this ambitious but achievable goal.

Star Scientific is a global group made up of Star Scientific Limited, Star Scientific Singapore, Star Scientific Europe, Planet Power Systems and Planet Power Finance.

They are leaders in hydrogen R&D, helping to ensure hydrogen’s role in the global energy transition reaches its outsized potential.


Products & Services


Hydrogen Energy Release optimiser (HERO®) is the catalyst for Star’s zero-emissions, hydrogen-powered future.

By swapping HERO® hydrogen power for a coal-fired boiler within an existing power plant, emissions can be cut while power stations can continue to operate.

Costs can be reduced by eliminating the need for infrastructure replacement and multi-million-dollar pollution control measures, potentially saving power providers $100 million to $250 million per year..

Star Scientific has launched a pilot program with Mars Food Australia, to conduct research for the use of HERO® to provide carbon-free industrial-scale heat in the food manufacturing sector.

In January 2021 Star Scientific signed an MoU with the Philippines government to help drive the country’s energy self-sufficiency plans through the use of green hydrogen.



  • Management
  • Directors
  • Andrew Horvath

    Global Group Chairman

  • Steve Heaton

    Global Head of Research

  • Jim Murray

    Principal Investigator

  • Mathew Hingerty

    Deputy Chairman, Deputy CEO & Head of Business Development

  • Dr Anziska Blindow-Prettl

    CEO, Planet Power Finance

  • Alex Blindow

    CEO, Star Scientific Europe


  • February 2022

    Dr Ashkan Vatani Appointed Principal Engineer
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  • August 2022

    Hydrogen Breakthrough May Give New Life to Coal Plants
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